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Coronavirus Update

The firm are following the guidance given by the UK Government and have implemented our business continuity plans which are designed to keep our operations running and ensure that any impact on our clients is minimised.

Our technology and processes to allow the majority of staff to work remotely and from home will be updated to maintain the best service we can provide to our clients and business colleagues.

Our priority is to safeguard our clients and our employees whilst continuing to minimise the impact on the services we are able to provide.

We are monitoring the UK Government advice and we will adapt our plans accordingly.

In a bid to adequately manage in such uncertain times we would be obliged if you would appreciate that communication channels may be affected and we ask that email be used in preference to telephone or other methods.

Arrangements will be made for you to meet with Mr Wight or Mr Niblett in our Clydebank and Dumbarton offices should you be required to sign important documentation such as a Will or conveyancing paperwork.


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