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I have been using Philpott Platt Niblett & Wight for many years as they have always been the family lawyer. They have dealt with everything from bereavements, wills to organising conveyancing for my first home twenty years ago. Since then I have bought and sold many houses and as I run my own business they have also dealt with many commercial purchases.

In all my years dealing with Philpott Platt Niblett & Wight I have always found them to be professional and efficient. I have been very thankful  for their expertise dealing with what can be sometimes quite complex situations .

One thing in particular that makes this organisation standout to me is there communication skills they always call you back or take the call straight away when they can. They try to find the sensible solution when other people are just trying complicate things to me this is what lawyers are for. I have recommended them to numerous work colleagues and friends who have always given very positive feedback. I look forward to continue to work with them in the future.


A Dunn

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